Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Entity-Attribute-Value models

Just listened to Ayendes podcast on RavenDB, a .NET document DB solution, at Herding Code ( A long podcast but worth the effort with some interesting stuff especially around dealing with model changes over time, event sourcing and the sweet spot for usage. Ayende mentioned Entity-Attribute-Value models as particularly appropriate for a document DB which caught my attention as it sounded very much like the approach we had taken at PAI. So I started digging around and found the following:
The implementations are focused on persistence using a relation DB but with a document database this should all just happen. I think it is time for us to switch out our long thin relational model for a document database - probably RavenDB.

Edit: Just found this useful blog post which dissects an MVC/RavenDB app and comments on best practice: